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Potato Minitubers

Rapid Multiplication of Virus-Free Minitubers

American Ag-Tec International, Ltd. is bringing to the market a revolutionary change in the traditional method for potato seed production. Utilization of this process allows us to eliminate the seasonal and geographical limitations now present in providing disease-free, viable seed year round, and Ag-Tec can provide this ability to companies anywhere in the world that potatoes are grown through the Quantum Tubers™ biomanufacturing technology.

This powerful biotechnology process will produce a large number of cut seedlings at a high propagation rate for the production of low cost minitubers. The intensive culture of high-density sterile stem-cuttings in a soilless media, will drastically decrease the time, expense and degeneration that occurs in bringing new and existing varieties into production.

Quantum Tubers™ which was developed and refined over the last ten years has the following advantages over current minituber production.

potato plants
  1. Rapid propagation (one crop every 40-50 days).
  2. Minimizes space requirements (1000 minitubers/square meter per crop).
  3. High tuber weight (average size 1 to 5 grams).
  4. Minitubers suitable for direct field planting (95% viability) with high level
    of growth tenacity.
  5. Low production costs.
  6. Minimize requirements for tissue culture facilities and associated costs.

    These advantages utilized in a sophisticated production unit, will give
    your company the competitive edge necessary in todays marketplace.

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